?What is EnergyCoin?
EnergyCoin is a cryptocurrency.
Cryptocurrencies are kind of a digital currency where users are able to transfer numbers from their wallets to another user's wallets.
EnergyCoin is just like Bitcoin and allows users to send or receive payments for their business, website, gifts etc.
?I downloaded the wallet but it does not synchronize to network?
If you start the wallet and it does not synchronize you should ask for help here

Or alternatively you can do this.
Run EnergyCoin-qt.exe Once it loads. close it. Now click on start menu, click "Run" write "%appdata%" (without quotes), Open EnergyCoin folder.
In EnergyCoin folder create text file energycoin.conf. Make sure it's energycoin.conf not energycoin.conf.TXT.
Add this to the conf file
close and save the conf file. Now run EnergyCoin-qt again. Give it enough time until it fully syncs with EnergyCoin network.
?How do I buy EnergyCoins?
EnergyCoins can be bought with bitcoin at
?How do I receive EnergyCoins?
Once you run the wallet on your operating system, click on "Receive" tab. Then copy the address. That is your wallet identifier address. Give anyone that address and they can send coins to you immediately.
?How much time does it take to send or receive coins?
Coins appear in your wallet once they're sent, but you cannot spend them until 3 confirmations from network. These confirmations take no more than 2 minutes on EnergyCoin network.