About Us

EnergyCoin team is not just developers, but community members who step forward to work together to create a Green Bitcoin of the future and joining the basic strong idea of saving Energy in the mining industry. EnergyCoin was released on April 26 is actively being developed for past 3 months.

Proof of Work

EnergyCoin does not require intensive hashing power or mining machines. It does not have any proof of work reward like bitcoin. It's reward for every PoW block is zero.

Proof of Stake

EnergyCoin has proof of stake reward. Proof of stake is kind of mining where every user holding their coins in their wallets gets paid a percentage of their coins yearly. The rewards are given every 30 seconds. EnergyCoin PoS rewards are 10% first year, 8% 2nd year, 6% 3rd year and 4% 4th year and 2% 5th year. Then they're cut down to 1% for every next year

About EnergyCoin
EnergyCoin is a proof of work and proof of stake hybrid. Proof of Work doesn't pay out any coins. So it's only a Proof of stake coin.
EnergyCoin is a energy saving currency by it's nature and we also have plans to help people working with renewable energy sources.
EnergyCoin wallets are currently available for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7 and 8 ), Linux, Mac devices. You can start accept EnergyCoin today on your website and business.
Block Time: 30 seconds
Confirmations: 3 confirmations to confirm transaction
Stake age: Min 1 day to stake coins
Premine: 100% distributed publicly in bitcointalk members

Yes! with proof of stake

EnergyCoin Android wallet is being developed which will not only allow user for faster transactions without loading hundreds of MBs of blockchain data but also reward proof of stake coins. Read about proof of stake on top of this page.