Treasure Isle Hints and Tips – Learn How to Level Up and Earn Coins Fast!

I think most of you will agree with me when I say that Facebook games require a lot of time, effort and determination to be successful. The game Treasure Isle is no exception. Have you ever wondered how your neighbors or friends achieved such high levels in a short amount of time? Do you want to earn more coins so that you can afford beautiful decorations for your island? Are you having trouble collecting all the treasures? If your answer is yes to all the above questions, well you’re in luck! I have taken the time to list some of the best Treasure Isle hints and tips which will help you achieve these goals.

  • Do not waste your coins on decorations just yet. Since decorations do not provide any benefits other than aesthetic purposes, it is advisable to spend your coins on fruits. Since energy is easily depleted, you can consume fruits to replenish some of that energy and explore more land
  • Buy tools as soon as you can. Tools are very important because they have various purposes such as increasing your chances of finding fruit or rare treasure.
  • Be sure to cover 100% of the island. Some people skip and proceed to other islands. This is not advisable because you’ll get gold/experience for accomplishing 100%. Energy will replenish in time so you should not worry about it too much.
  • Just like every other Facebook game, you need to have lots of neighbors to assist you and send you gifts. Visiting a neighbor’s island lets you do a simple chore which grants you coins, experience points and collect gems. You can do this on a daily basis to earn more coins, gems and experience points. I would advise adding plenty of neighbors so that you collect a large amount of coins and experience points every day.
  • Besides that, neighbors can send you valuable gifts such as fruits and rare decorations. Be sure to be friendly and nice to your neighbors so that you can receive gifts from them daily.
  • Gems are an important resource in Treasure Isle. It can be used to unlock Tiki statues and proceed further into the island. Tiki statues usually require 1 – 5 gems before they let you proceed. If you are running low on gems, you can also request for them.
  • Always keep an eye on your energy meter. When you’re running low on energy, dig in areas which do not contain rocks, trees or plants. This is because rocks, trees and plants consume more energy compared to plain land.

With some patience and determination, you will level up fast and earn lots of coins in no time.

American Gold Coin Value Comes From Gold’s Unique Properties

Gold is one of the most precious metals in the world. It is present in the rivers, seas, and the earth’s crust and trace amounts are present in plants and animals. It is, however, difficult and expensive to extract.

The first gold coins were made around 700 BC and made of electrum, a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver. Coins became a way to standardize the gold so it didn’t have to be assayed every time it was traded.

Gold coins gradually got more complex images stamped on them, as civilizations learned to work with the material. When rulers were depicted on coins in the Roman Empire, it showed the sovereignty of the empire. Rulers then became the general theme for representing on gold coins where lifetime rulers existed.

All the gold ever mined would make a cube 60 feet by 60 feet by 60 feet. It makes me wonder why Fort Knox is so big. It certainly didn’t store all the gold ever mined since the beginning of history. I suspect Ft. Knox must be storing other things besides gold.

The total world production of gold amounts to 5,407,112,558 ounces. The population of the world is 6,692,030,277, so there are 25 grams of gold per person on the planet. A troy ounce equals about 31 grams. All the gold ever produced in history wouldn’t allow everyone in the world to own an ounce of it today.

There are 3 ways for obtaining gold from the earth. They are: by mining, by sluicing and by panning. All are expensive in terms of the amount of energy it takes to obtain a single ounce of pure gold.

In modern mining operations approximately 3 tons of ore are needed to extract one ounce of gold. It is estimated that only 125,000 tons of gold have been mined the world over since the beginning of time.

Properties of pure gold:

  • It has a melting point of 1945 degrees Fahrenheit. When alloyed with other base metals the melting temperature of the resulting alloy is changed and often lowered by the melting point of the base metal.
  • Pure gold has a specific gravity of 19.33. It is relatively heavy compared to most metals. For example, silver has a specific gravity of 10.7 and iron 7.8. Platinum is heavier than gold with a specific gravity of 21.4.
  • It is more malleable than any other metal and can be hammered into foil so thin that it is almost transparent.
  • It has a unique ductility property that allows it to be drawn into wire so thread-like that it can barely be seen.
  • Gold’s Chemical symbol is Au, which is short for the Latin name Aurum, meaning “glowing dawn” because of its color. Gold and copper are the only pure metals that have a color other than the typical metallic silver-like color of other metals.
  • Gold is virtually indestructible. Gold is the most non-reactive of all metals. It’s called a “noble” metal, because it doesn’t oxidize under ordinary conditions. That means it will never tarnish like silver or rust like iron.
  • It is one of the softest metals known. On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, which is a measure of a mineral’s resistance to scratching, gold has a hardness value of 2 to 2.5. Amazingly, it is about as soft as gypsum. Pure gold can be scratched with your fingernail. Diamonds on the other end of the scale have a value of 10.

About 50% of the gold mined is used for jewelry. About 40% is used for investing and collecting, as in American gold eagles or 19th and 20th century rare gold coins. Only 10% is used in industry. Its cost prohibits much industrial use. Where it is used, nothing else can replace it.

Some Industrial uses:

Gold’s physical properties of high electrical conductivity and chemical inertness make it an excellent and reliable conductor, particularly in harsh environments, where temperatures can range from -55°C to 200°C.

The use of gold in circuitry ensures reliability of equipment operation, particularly in the vital activation of safety airbag mechanisms in motor vehicles or deployment of satellites and spacecraft.

High purity gold reflects heat energy almost completely. That makes it ideal for heat and radiation reflection. Gold-coated visors protected astronauts’ eyes from searing sunlight on the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Gold not only will reflect heat, but it also is an excellent conductor of heat. It is used in many electronic processes to draw heat away from delicate instruments. The main engine nozzle of the space shuttle uses a 35% gold alloy, for example.

Learning more about the unique properties of gold has helped me appreciate my American gold coins and world gold coins much more. As easily as gold can be damaged, I’m surprised so many rare gold coins have survived as well as they have.

Increasing Wealth – Silver American Eagle Coins – Numismatic Coins

Silver is currently being referred to as the new Gold. Why? Because when gold prices increase, such as they have recently, investors seek a lesser expensive alternative. That’s why silver is called poor-man’s gold.

Coin and bar sales have been so robust — the U.S. Mint now is rationing American Eagle coins — that dealers say they can’t meet small-investor demand.

Financial experts are of the opinion that the present economic problems the world is facing are going to get worse. Those who study financial trends are urging the public to convert their paper money into tangible assets. The feeling is that sooner or later, physical assets trump paper.

Experts feel that Silver is once again poised to skyrocket just like it did in the 70’s. Back then, an ounce of Silver was just north of $1.00. It kept rising and rising to over $47.00, for a percentage gain of over 3500%! At the time of this writing, an ounce of Silver goes for a little over $17, up over 30% this year. I have read that Analysts are expecting a rise to over $50.00 an ounce within the next 2 quarters. Wow!

Here is the fact. The World is running out of Silver. It is used in World Currencies, jewelry, the medical industry, clothing, photography, electronics, solar energy, water purification, silverware, nuclear power plants , etc.

How does Silver differs from Gold? To put it quite simply, Silver is a consumable, it gets used up. For the most part, there are no real or synthetic materials that can be used in place of Silver. We cannot live without it.

Over 90% of the silver that is mined is used for industrial purposes.

According to the Law of Supply and Demand, when the supply of an item or material decreases while the demand is increasing, the price of the said material will increase substantially.

Few Americans that are aware that in 2002 it became a law that the government must purchase silver back from the public when the United States Silver Reserves dip below a certain level.

If you read s.2594, or Support of American Eagle Silver Bullion Program Act section 2, you will see that Congress finds that

(1) The American Eagle Silver Bullion coin leads the global market, and is the largest and most popular silver coin program in the United States;

(2) Established in 1986, the American Eagle Silver Bullion Program is the most successful silver bullion program in the world;

(3) From fiscal year 1995 through fiscal year 2001, the American Eagle Silver Bullion Program generated revenues of $264,100,000 and sufficient profits to significantly reduce the national debt;

(4) with the depletion of silver reserves in the Defense Logistic Agency’s Strategic and Critical Materials Stockpile, it is necessary for the Department of the Treasury to acquire silver from other sources in order to preserve the American Eagle Silver Bullion Program

To summarize, The American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin plays an integral role in our nation’s economy. The government cannot stop making them, being that profits have dramatically reduced the national debt.

In addition to the collection of the Silver American Eagle Bullion Coins there is a noticeable increase in sales of Numismatic Collectible Coins. Harry Newton, editor, Technology Investor Publication, writes this: “Interesting times ! We are seeing a lot of movement into collectible and investment currency and coins especially higher graded coins. There’s been a 35% increase so far this year in prices and about a 200 % in volume. In the high grade values , Proofs 65 and up and in Mint States MS 65 and up there is substantial demand with record prices being reached , we understand investors are more comfortable holding hard assets like coins than actual cash Dollar or other currency balances and there is a persistent daily move out of the latter into hard assets.”

Not all American Silver Eagles are slabbed and graded Mint State (MS) coins. Only about 10% are MS-70. Unlike bullion coins that are valued solely on the basis of their silver weight, the value of a numismatic silver coin is determined by several factors: its rarity, the number of coins originally minted, history and the age and condition of the coin.

Numismatic coins are bought and sold within the coin collecting community with little regard for today’s silver price. Numismatic coins are cherished for their beauty, historical significance, and their potential investment value. Hence, numismatic coins sell at a significant premium over their intrinsic silver content.

Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui Say Display Chinese Coins In Snake Year 2013-14

Heaven, Earth and Humanity’s inter-relationship explored by both Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui is emphasised by Chinese coins. To display these appropriately is auspicious, attracting good-fortune to those so doing.

Heaven, Earth and Humanity’s intertwined links are represented by the Snake in Chinese culture. Snake Year (2013-14) Year Element Water’s 5 Elements Feng Shui Wealth connexions, makes Chinese Coins ideal for display during this period and helps explain their popularity.

Coins and Combinations

Chinese coins’ design is unique: their square centres represent Earth energy and their circular shape Heaven. Overall, this symbolises prosperity, abundance and good fortune hence Chinese coins’ Feng Shui use.

Especially in combinations three (linked via red thread or fabric) these are particularly effective for attracting prosperity and good fortune into one’s life. ‘Heaven, Earth and Man,’ (between the two and handling the coinage) is this triple-link message.

Arrangement and Location

Arrange coins Yang side uppermost (displaying four Chinese Characters) popular combinations include Coin-swords–coins linked by red thread in sword-shapes. 2×3 and 3×3 coin arrangements (6 represents heaven and 9 the Universal whole) locate these in South-East Wealth Sector, on desks or next to cash-registers to encourage Snake Year 2013-14 prosperity.

Burying large coins alongside bamboo or other healthy houseplants in S.E Wealth Sectors activates financial growth. Add a ‘Chan Chu’ Money Frog, Dragon-Tortoise or Chi Lin to create a personal Feng Shui wealth ‘Cure’.

Brief History of Chinese Coinage

Cowries (or Kaurii) tiny, resilient sea-shells common on Eastern beaches were China’s first currency. The Shang Dynasty (1500-1045 BCE) saw their gradual replacement by bronze and copper Cowrie-shaped coins.

The Zhou Dynasty (1045-256 BCE) introduced copper Spade and Knife Money. Representing certain amounts of cutting or digging, coins with these shapes could hire and reward such work or obtain goods and services.

Standard circular coins having square central holes, bearing his name (the four Yang side characters) were introduced after First Emperor, Qin Hwang De (of Terracotta Warrior fame) reunified China in 256 BCE. Successive Chinese Emperors produced similar currency until modern times.

Auspicious Examples and those to Avoid

Avoid coins of the last 5 Qing Emperors. Presiding over a long period of Chinese Economic and Social decline, their coins are inauspicious.

Look for coins of the first 5 Qing Dynasty (1664-1911 CE) Emperors (when Chinese was stable and prosperous) which are much more auspicious, particularly Chien-Lung’s (1736-1796 CE) China’s longest-reigning Emperor. Avoid those of later date.


Whilst Chinese coins are mostly replicas Feng Shui’s ‘resemblance’ principle means these are as good as the ‘real thing’. However always choose metal and not plastic resin replicas.

Metal’s Feng Shui Wealth links (via, gold, silver, copper etc.) and contributions to human prosperity are important to remember. Metal replicas of long-reigning Emperor Chien Lung’s coins are the most popular, useful and readily available coins for Feng Shui today.